Nobscot Launches Rebound Recruiting

November 8, 2005 | By Beth N. Carvin

New Software Helps Companies in Recruiting High-Performing Former Employees

HONOLULU, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nobscot Corporation, the innovator in exit interview management software, has introduced an innovative new program to assist in the rehiring of former, high performing employees. The product, a module called Rebound Recruiting, is an add-on to the WebExit exit interview management system.

"The exit interview is the last official contact with an employee and is the natural place to set the stage for high performers to be welcomed back in the future," noted Beth N. Carvin, CEO of Nobscot Corporation. The Rebound Recruiting module resulted from Nobscot's continual updating of its WebExit system to develop new and simple solutions to help organizations improve their HR processes.

Statistics show that former employees, called "rebounders," acclimate more quickly, tend to remain with an organization longer, and perform better the second time around. Having returned to the company, these staffers also play a major role in helping to retain other employees who learn from those with experience that the grass isn't always greener at other companies.

Employees identified as high performers receive a personal note 75 days after they complete their exit interviews and are invited to consider rejoining the company if their new position is not working out. When employees express an interest in returning to the organization, HR is alerted and can track the status of the renewed relationship through a special online Rebound Recruiting Report in the company's WebExit system.

Rebound Recruiting is simple, efficient, highly cost-effective, and a logical addition to WebExit's capabilities.

About Nobscot Corporation

Nobscot Corporation, the pioneer in exit interview management software, was founded in April 2000. In December 2001 HR Executive Magazine named Nobscot's WebExit one of the Top 10 HR Products of the Year. Today WebExit is the gold standard for exit interview automation and is used by organizations in over 20 countries worldwide. More information on this study is available at Nobscot Corporation's website at:

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