Look inward.
Move forward.

Exit interviews and other HR data analytics to reduce employee turnover.

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Look inward.
Move forward.

Employee retention and metrics tools to help you reduce your turnover.

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Nobscot's products are designed to help companies reduce employee turnover - both during the highly vulnerable first year of employment and over the long term - by gathering employee feedback from new and exiting employees about their workplace experience. Point-and-click reports based on employees' responses identify trouble areas within the organization, generating actionable data for improving employee retention rates.


Automate your exit interview process with Nobscot's powerful web-based system. WebExit provides ongoing, real-time HR analytics on the drivers of employee turnover in your organization.

  • Complete at work, home or mobile
  • Configurable questions
  • Data reports with filters and drill-down
  • Highest participation rates

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Interested in Exit Surveys for Diversity? Click here.


FirstDays administers new hire and quality-of-hire surveys to prevent quick quits and identify top talent early.

  • Surveys new employees and their supervisor
  • Configurable scheduler (30 day, 60 day, etc.)
  • Comprehensive reports with filters and drill-down
  • Free training and support

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Positive impact, at every level.

Impact For Employees

For employees

Avenue for feedback to create better work environment.

Impact For HR

For Human Resources

Actionable data to reduce employee turnover.

Impact For Executives

For executives

Understanding of employee experiences to guide business strategy.

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"We reduced attrition by 21.56% the first year after the analysis, then an additional 9.92% year to date so far."

- Senior HR Business Process Analyst