Your privacy is important to us.

We Take Privacy Seriously.

As an extension to your Human Resources Division, Nobscot Corporation holds your exit interview data with the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy. The following information outlines our corporate privacy policy.

  1. Summary. Nobscot Corporation holds and stores private and confidential information on and for companies and organizations doing business with Nobscot. This information includes companies' organizational structure, employee turnover data, survey ratings and comments, mentoring relationships, information shared in mentorship notes as well as employee and former employee demographics. Nobscot also stores information on visitors to its websites nobscot.com and mentorscout.com.

  2. Demographic Information. Nobscot stores demographic information on individuals who complete surveys and profiles (new hire, transfer, exit, mentorship) using Nobscot's systems. This data is provided to us by the companies, associations, or the individuals themselves when completing the survey. This demographic data may consist of name, address, telephone number, gender, race, age range, and other information on the individual's status with the company such as years with the company, department, division, job type and geographic location. This data will only be accessible to the employer (or former employer) and will not be rented or sold to others. Names of employees may or may not be visible to the employer in conjunction with survey responses, based on the account setting and the employee's choice (if that is an option.) Companies using Nobscot's services may use and disclose survey responses as they so choose, subject to the terms of their respective agreements with Nobscot. Nobscot follows all applicable country laws when handling and storing data for companies located outside the US.

  3. Personally Identifiable Information. The information that Nobscot stores may include personally identifiable information (PII) on new hires, transferring employees, terminating employees, and employees and association members that participate in a mentoring program using Nobscot services. All Nobscot systems may be used effectively without the storage of PII and it is each client's sole decision whether or not to collect and store PII on Nobscot's site(s). Nobscot will hold this data in its secure data center using industry standard or better security policies. Nobscot will not sell or rent personal information to other companies or individuals nor provide personal information to any third party except when required by law.

  4. Visitor Information. Visitors to this public website may request a demo or information via an online submission form. This data will only be used to contact the individual(s) or others from the same company to provide them with information on Nobscot's products and services. Nobscot will not rent or sell this information to other companies or individuals.

  5. Opt-Out Preferences. Visitors that sign up for a demonstration of our services, may be added to our invitation list. Nobscot from time to time may send emails to those on the invitation list regarding upcoming promotions, specials, free informational webinars, recordings, and related. All promotional emails will include a link to unsubscribe. Those who unsubscribe will be removed from our invitation list. Visitors from Canada and the European Union that have included their country information on the submission form will not be included on our invitation list unless they expressly opt-in to receive promotional information.

  6. Visitor Browsing Behavior. Nobscot tracks visitor behavior in order to help us improve the quality of our website and our products. This tracking includes IP address, geo-location, browser type/version, operating system (Mac/PC), device type (desktop/laptop/tablet/phone), landing/exit page, and visit history. Nobscot stores this information for 90 days. If you would like to block this tracking, please contact us at info@nobscot.com.

  7. Cookies. Nobscot uses cookies for session management (user login). It does not use cookies for any other purpose and does not share cookie information with any third party.

  8. Disclosure. Nobscot and its employees will not disclose any information received through the clients use of Nobscot's systems or any other Nobscot product or service about a clients' organizational structure, employee turnover data, or survey ratings and comments which references or identifies a specific client, or confidential information shared and stored in Nobscot's systems as part of a mentoring relationship to other third parties without consent, except for the following limited purposes: A) We are compelled to do so by law or by an order of a court or governmental authority. B) In order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities or governmental regulatory bodies. C) As necessary to complete a transaction for you. D) As we deem necessary to protect the rights, safety or property of Nobscot Corporation, our users or others or to enforce our terms of use agreement or privacy policy.

  9. Identification of Specific Clients. Nobscot and its employees will not identify a specific client in any communication oral or written regarding survey rating results, internal trends, employee comments or incidents, without consent, but may from time to time relate such information without identifying the client by name or inference.

  10. Aggregate Data. As part of Nobscot's services, Nobscot aggregates statistical data from each client account and provides the aggregated data as benchmark statistics. Nobscot may from time to time sell or publish aggregate data but will not identify the data with any individual client.

  11. Client Lists. Nobscot does maintain and may, at its discretion, publish this list in whole or in part on the Nobscot web sites and/or in marketing materials for prospective clients and media. A client may elect to be not included in the client list by providing a request in writing to Nobscot.

  12. Discussion of Services. Nobscot may from time to time discuss orally or in writing specific incidences of how Nobscot products or services helped improve a client's employee retention, reduce turnover or minimize risks but Nobscot or its employees will not, without consent, identify the name of the company/organization or individuals involved.

  13. Written Requests for Data. Nobscot will, upon written request, provide a copy of the data stored in a client's Nobscot account but will only release this data to a verified, authorized client representative. Processing fees may apply.

Revised May 25, 2021.

Privacy Policy Changes

Nobscot Corporation may amend this policy from time to time. Changes to this policy will be reflected in the privacy document on the Nobscot corporate web site at privacy.cfm

For More Information

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