Subscription Information

Getting started with Nobscot is easy. Our subscriptions include industry standards terms that fairly protect Subscribers and Nobscot.

Nobscot Subscriptions

Below are some of the most important terms to be aware of when signing up for Nobscot's WebExit and/or FirstDays.

  1. Nobscot's WebExit and FirstDays are purchased via a Subscription license. Subscription terms run for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months.

  2. To prevent disruption in service, Subscriptions renew automatically for additional one-year terms.

  3. Subscriptions may be canceled at the end of any subscription term by providing a 30 day written notice of cancellation.

  4. Initial Fees are due within 30 days from Subscription date and prior to going live.

  5. Nobscot provides a free 30 day period between the paperwork date and the Subscription start that can be used toward account setup time.

  6. Nobscot provides full confidentiality provisions to protect both Subscriber and Nobscot.

To receive a copy of the complete Subscription paperwork, please contact your Nobscot representative or email info@nobscot.com.