Looking for Current US Employee Turnover Rates?

There's An App For That!

App The first step to reducing attrition and improving employee retention is knowing where you stand and how your organization compares to industry-wide benchmarks. Now there’s an app that puts these turnover statistics right at your fingertips in seconds! The EE Turnover Tracker, created by the employee retention experts at Nobscot Corporation, gives you the tools you need to quickly access a variety of turnover data.

  • Instantly view U.S. Department of Labor voluntary and involuntary employment turnover benchmarks for the most recent 12 months. This is updated on a monthly basis at no additional cost to you!
  • Get turnover stats based on industry or location
  • Benchmark how your company's turnover rates compare to the national average
  • Calculate the ROI and how much money your company can save on decreasing your own turnover rates

Download the EE Turnover Tracker today to always have access to the most updated turnover data!