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    Say Goodbye to Turnover, Not Employees

    The most advanced solution for reducing employee turnover.

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    The Experts in Employee Turnover Management

    The leaders in exit interview technology for over 20 years.

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    All-Inclusive Package to Meet your Turnover Goals

    Everything included to lower your turnover in one bundle.

Turnover Management Plan

The Roadmap to Retention

A scientific approach to tackle the toughest turnover challenges. Reduce your employee turnover by 20%-60% in less than 12 months.

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Gather Data
Uncover specific drivers of turnover throughout your organization.
  • Exit Interviews

    Identify the “WHYs” that cause employees to leave.

  • New Hire Surveys

    Pinpoint issues for new hires that lead to early turnover.

  • Stay Surveys

    Understand the factors that encourage employees to stay.

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Analyze Data
Analyze your data across various demographics to understand the full picture.
  • Heat Maps

    Color-coded comparisons for easy identification of turnover drivers.

  • Unlimited Filters

    Compared by department, division, tenure, gender, race, and more.

  • Expert Guidance

    Dedicated team to help you further explore trouble spots.

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We’ll help you turn your analysis into the 3–4 Turnover Themes that are driving your employee turnover.
  • Focus on What Matters

    Know exactly where to target your employee retention initiatives.

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion

    The included DEI module uncovers barriers for women and people of color.

  • Finding the Stories

    Create context with text comments on why employees leave.

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Action Plans
With the turnover themes in hand, it's time to create actions to address them.
  • Executive Presentations

    You receive a full, executive level, beautifully designed presentation for your senior leaders.

  • Ideas and Suggestions

    We provide customized ideas and initiatives to address your specific turnover themes.

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There's no "one and done" with employee turnover as new drivers continue to pop up.
  • Risk/Vulnerability

    Monthly vulnerability reports pinpoint specific areas of concern.

  • Trends Over Time

    Track the success of retention initiatives over time.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Stay on top of where new issues are occurring.

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Nobscot’s Turnover Rate dashboard keeps you up-to-date with US employee turnover rates by state, industry and company size.
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All‑Inclusive or Purchase

Subscribe to the Turnover Management Plan and have full access to all Nobscot technologies as needed plus guidance to lower your turnover, or purchase individual programs to meet a specific need.


Nobscot’s flagship, award-winning exit interview system.


New hire and Quality of Hire surveys to prevent early turnover.


Add a mentoring program to develop and retain employees.


Harness the power of stories to inspire, engage and celebrate.

Why Nobscot?

Nobscot, the pioneer in exit interview technology, has been providing HR software to reduce employee turnover for more than 20 years. We've won the Top 10 HR Tech Products of the Year award — twice. Our employee turnover programs help companies in all industries including financial services, healthcare, defense contracting, logistics, technology, manufacturing and more.

“We reduced attrition by 21.56% the first year after the analysis, then an additional 9.92% year to date so far.”
–Senior HR Business Analyst
“Our exit interview participation rate went from approximately 30% to 70% in the first six months.”
–Human Resources Manager
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